Problems caused by improper cleaning of rolling bearings


The so-called cleanliness test is one by means of the rolling bearing impurities separated and determined the degree of pollution test method, the current cleanliness testing methods are the following three: quality test, microscopy counting method test, automatic particle counting method test.
One: quality test.
In accordance with state JB / t pour 50-2005 standards related to the first rolling bearing impurity cleaning to the cleaning solution, after the cleaning liquid is filtered, dried and weighed calculated the quality of the impurity particles.
Two: microscope test.
This method is similar to the previous steps and mass method, the different is the cleaning solution after filtration, directly with the microscope observation of the size and quantity of impurities in the filter membrane. But also according to the shape of impurities, to determine the chemical composition and content of impurities. This method is most suitable for the determination of cleanliness of SKF bearing precision bearings.
Three: automatic particle counting test.
The method of automatic particle calculation and mass method, which is different from the microscope method, is used to determine the number and size of impurities directly. The accuracy of this method is relatively high, so it is suitable for rolling bearings with high cleanliness requirements.
Bearing burn
The so-called bearing burn damage state is refers to: bearing roller, rolling body and keep the frame in the rotation of the sharp heat until discoloration, softening, melting and breakage. The main reason for the burn of the bearings is due to poor lubrication of the rolling bearings, may use an irregular lubricant, or too much, too little, is not correct.
It is also possible to be too heavy load (pre pressing too large). Speed is too large. Clearance is too small. There is water or other foreign matter intrusion. If the above two kinds of circumstances are not that the shaft, the bearing box of poor precision, large deflection of the shaft. See this, I think we all want to know how to solve the solution, first, to study the lubricant and lubrication methods, the selection of the rolling bearing lubricant, and its dosage, but also to correct the choice of SKF bearing. Research to fit, bearing clearance and preload, and to improve the sealing device. Check the accuracy of shaft and bearing box.

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